My name is Adam and I am a geologist from the great and sometimes infamous state of New Jersey. Since the day I saw the 1998 Everest film in IMAX at the Liberty Science Center as a kid I have been hooked. From that moment on I have said to anyone that would listen that one day I would be like the mountaineers I saw on the screen. As a child I consumed every bit of adventure literature I could get my hands on and looked at photos of great mountains in National Geographic with awe and wonder. I knew that one day I had to explore those wild places with my own eyes and nothing would stop me.

Since that time I have dedicated every free moment I have to researching, planning, and going on any and every outdoor adventure I can come up with. I have been rock climbing since I was 15 years olds when for my birthday my mother hired a guide to take me climbing in the Gunks and I have never looked back. Since then I have honed my skills over the years learning how to trad and ice climb among other skills. In the last several years I have also made hiking and trail running more of a focus. In addition to making it to Alaska, I am also working on climbing all of the 4,000ft peaks in the northeast. These larger goals are in addition to countless other objectives that I strive for each and every week. I never feel more alive than when I am in the mountains and each one I climb, no matter what the size or difficulty offers new experiences and challenges which will make me a better person in the end.

Being from New Jersey, the mountains are not convenient or close by but I have made it a point to seek them out with every opportunity I have. My commitment to myself and my goals is what drives me and no amount of adversity is going to keep me from achieving what I set my sites on.


  1. Loved your bio and can relate to it… I live in NYC, not close to the adks, but called to them! Happily and
    diligently making my way through the 46. Leaving tomorrow for a week… 8 peaks planned. Keep posting!

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