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TRIP REPORT: Ramapo Torne / Seven Hills Loop via Reeves Meadow – Harriman State Park, NY 9-10-16

Hiking stats at a glance: Trailhead: Reeves Meadow Visitor Center Miles Round Trip: 6.55 Elevation Gain: ~1019 Total Time: 2.5 hours Weather: ~90 Degrees with approximately 1,000,000 % humidity   I happened to have a free Saturday afternoon so I thought it would be a good day to head over to Harriman State Park and explore another hike in the area that […]

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TRIP REPORT: Hogencamp Mountain and Ship Rock Loop via Lake Askoti – Harriman State Park, NY 8-27-16

Hiking stats at a glance: Trailhead: Lake Askoti Miles Round Trip: 5.4 Hike Highlights: Hogencamp Mountain, Ship Rock   Since we had a little bit of extra time Kelly and I decided to tackle another short hike in Harriman State Park. Kelly had never been to Harriman before, so I figured we should start from the same area I visited last time. […]

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